Cushion Inners

All options below have stock sizes available ranging from 35cm and moving in 5cm breaks up to 70cm together with a wide range of oblong shapes and a bolster. They are also available customised to your size requirements.

NOTE: The sizes refer to the cushion size the inner is designed to fit. The inner is approx. 5cm larger ie the inner to fit a 40cm cover actually measures 45cm

1.1 ORIGINAL Cushion Inners.

Filling hollow polyester fibrefill, Spunbond cover.

Our entry price point. 100% man-made fibre/fabric.

1.2 PEARL Cushion inners.

Filling hollow fibrefill balled polyester. 100% Cotton cover. A more robust version will not flatten as easily as more basic polyester filled units.

1.3 EASYDRI Pearl (Outdoor) Cushion inners. Filling hollow polyester balled fibrefill. 100% Polyester cover with drain strip.

The only truly outdoor cushion inner we recommend. The easy drain strip allows any water ingress to be readily drained away by simply leaving the outer cover zip open to dry the inner.

1.4 FeatherDown15/85 Cushion Inners. Filling pure duck feathers and minimum 15% down. Downproof Cotton cambric cover.

A soft and luxurious inner aimed to help make your cushion covers look their best. Easy to hand sculpt into your desired shape.

1.5 FeatherPearl Cushion inners. Filling pure feathers and hollow polyester balled fibrefill. FeatherGard cotton cover.

Ideal for use where ‘structural’ support is required as a part of a furntiture setting.

1.6 Gossomer Cushion Inners. Filling 100% pure duck feather FeatherGard cotton cover.

For the flat look preferred by many designers, perfect for organza weight covers.

If you have any questions you would like to ask feel free to get in touch we will do our best to help.


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