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As a NZ based Soft Furnishing manufacturer we are committed to producing product worthy to have our name on it. Using exclusive fabrics we import from around the world predominantly Europe with Belgium & Italy being favourite sources, we create furnishing accessory collections including cushions, throws, runners and footstools. The advantage of having the fabric available allows us to cater for the fact that no matter what you have in stock someone always wants another size or shape.

CUSTOM MAKING: We also offer a custom making service using customers own fabrics for cushions throws, table covers and bed linen. We will even custom make cushion inners to fit your requirements with the ability to use a vairety of filling options that includes standard polyester, flame retardent polyester, Ball Fibre, FeatherDown or FeatherMix. We even manufacture to international airline standards FAR25.853

UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIES: We not only offer a custom making service to the Upholstery industry but also the availability of bulk fillings ( Feather, Down, Standard Polyester, Pearl balled Fibre) and fabrics (including down proof camric and calico). Overlocking thread, Key tassels and trimmings including Gimp, Bullion, Lip cord and Moss or Rouche Fringe. Cushion inners both standard and customised size ranges in several filling options including Feather, Down, FeatherMix and Polyester.
Add to all of this our ability to feather wrap upholstery using our TouchDOWN product and there is little wonder that we supply several of the major furniture manufacturers throughout NZ.

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